Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two year checkup

Disclaimer - This is going to be full of bragging about how big and smart Ryan is getting. If you are not a VIP member of the Ryan McDowell fan club there is no need to read further :)

Ryan had his 2 year checkup today. We dropped Reid off at daycare and Ryan got to have his first "special breakfast" with mom solo. I like to take the boys to McDonald's for pancakes on dr apopointment days, first days of school, etc. Ryan has joined Reid and I before but had never had his own special breakfast - he did really good!

The appointment went well. He told everyone that asked that he was "Two" with his little head nod. He had a bit of a tantrum when they tried to weigh him and see how tall he was but he soon got over that and had a great appointment.

The developmental questions that he knew were naming 4 animals (horse, dog, cat and bird) and a man (which he called daddy), 8 body parts, 2 to 3 word sentences and a few others. His three questions that he was unable to do were stack 8 blocks, jump with 2 feet, and put on clothing objects by himself. The doctor said that he was developmentally around 2 yrs, 7 months and is close to 3 years in language. He's really started talking a lot in the last month!

He read the dr a jungle book that he got yesterday from our daycare provider for his birthday. He knew the monkey, tiger, giraffe, elephant, bird, and animals. The dr commented that he must have read that book a lot and was surprised to hear that he just got it yesterday! He also took turns playing with his new helicopter toy that Grandma Linda got him - saying "your turn" and "Ryan's turn" over and over. The dr commented that this meant he was obviously not autistic.

Ryan was 29 lbs (50 - 75th %); 75th percentile in height (forget the inches - I'll edit and add later), and 50th % in head circumference. That's all the bragging I have for today. We're certainly proud of how much of a "big boy" he's becoming (and a bit sad too)... I'll post pics from his b-day party and 4th of July weekend soon as well!