Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Project Life 2013

I'm posting these mostly for Courtney, Catherine and Suzanne to see so the pictures aren't great.  I tried to get natural light so the pictures in the plastics looked ok but I didn't get close enough... plus they didn't rotate the right way when I uploaded them (why can't blogger get a little more advanced already) and I'm being lazy tonight.  BUT... I have FIVE weeks completely done in my album and I'm partway done with 6 and 7.  Can you believe it?  And in case you aren't keeping track, last week was week 8 so I'm basically current - that's pretty current for me.

Week 1 Spread:

Close up of left and right side:

I love the week in review card!!  I'm going to have a lot of extra 4x6 from the PL kit but the week in review card really helps to eliminate the need to journal a lot.  And see those vertical pictures on a colored 4x6 inserted witha  frame... my friend Suzanne taught me how to do that and it really got me back into motion on project life.
I should have used a different divider since these all ended up being instagram pictures but I didn't realize it until I'd put them all on 4x6's.  Plus, I like to keep my main pages Design A and just use the other designs for inserts.
 Week 2 Spread:

I started getting adventurous with my photoshop Elements here and added some text to a couple of photos.

The left middle tag was just one I had in my old scrapbooking stuff - love to use any of it when I get the chance and the color went well.
 Week 3 Spread:
Ok, MAYBE I'll come back and fix these pictures tomorrow or sometime - this one is upside down... geesh!

Left side - mostly pictures but the upper right hand pic I added a close up picture as an insert on a full picture.  It was the day all of my new PL kit came in!  The "eek" letters were also a use from old supplies - score! 

Right side.. nothing special - some text on a photo and an iPhone screen shot

Week 3 also had an insert!  It was fun - all dedicated to Reid's hockey weekend in Cedar Rapids, IA

Back Side of insert
 Week 4 Spread:

Upside down again - ridiculous.
Left side

Right Side.  Only thing special is I took a 4x6 photo of my new mac and divided it between two 3x4 slots - I like that look when people do it and I liked how it turned out.
 Week 5 Spread:

Left Side - no big tricks to point out.
Same tricks... 4x6 picture of bath on bottom and insert of my 'spa' face.  The left card has some rub on letters that 'yummy' but they were too light so I think shaded around them with a colored pencil - it looks pretty good up close.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A weekend without dad

Well, it's Friday night and another weekend is upon us but I thought I'd fill you in on our weekend LAST weekend.  We had a great weekend.  Russ and Reid left early Saturday morning for a hockey tournament and a hotel stay in Springdale, AR.  After 5 games (going 3-2), Reid's team brought home the first place trophy.  They had a great weekend:

Yeah, I think he likes trophies :)

But, since I was here with the little two - I thought I'd blog on OUR weekend. My back was really hurting Saturday morning from my Friday workout so I did what any sane person would do.  I mopped our kitchen floor on my hands and knees.

Area under the kitchen table - double improved!

Ross dressed himself and was pretty proud of his outfit choice
Later that day it kept seizing up and really hurting so I did three very slow miles on the treadmill to see if it would loosen up and it did some.  The boys played with their claw machine (ate candy) while I was on the treadmill and we just hung out and played.  That evening one of Russ' friends stayed with us as he was in town visiting another friend in the hospital.

Sunday morning I woke up and ran 10 very hilly miles (thankfully with very few problems).  The hills definitely took their toll on me.  I showered and said goodbye to Russ' friend.  I ended up laying on my bed reading a book for OVER an hour while the boys played nerf guns.  They were VERY good and playing so well together.  I ended up taking them out for yogurt and to the library to get books (and let them take our neighbor friend with us too).

This was some obstacle game.  They climbed over my bed, onto the bench and jumped off shooting baskets. 

I think the little two are thinking "what the heck, that kids crazy"

Nope, Ross idolizes Ryan... now he wants to be just like him

The pretty much wiped Ross out.  He fell asleep around 4:30 and I let him sleep for about 45 minutes before waking him up so he'd still go to bed that night.  He did and Russ and Reid got home around 9:30pm.  It was the best, most relaxing weekend.  I didn't accomplish a lot - I had grand plans of organizing before my back started hurting... but I'm glad I took the down time while I had it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Where is all the time going?

I've been wanting to get on here and do an update and just haven't found time. I'm knee deep in several things that are just stealing all of my time.

* I'm reading a really good book and already have the next in line checked out so I'm rushing to read them as quickly as I can, although I fall asleep way too early these days.

* My friend, Suzanne, got me rolling on my Project Life album on my Mac (using photoshop elements to resize photos) and I'm loving that I'm making great progress.  I swear I took every photo in 2012 with my iPhone held vertically.  That's really NOT conducive to my album.  So, I know how to fix them it's just time consuming!  I WILL remember to turn my iPhone for horizontal photos in 2013!!!

* My latest issue of Runner's World showed up some time last week and it's STILL sitting here on my desk, unread.  That's basically unheard of.

* WORK.  Nothing fun but it has been busy lately :(  Where I could usually have snuck in a thing here or there before, I really have not had time.

* I am WAY behind on laundry and the dishes are always needing done.  I am; however, caught up on keeping the house picked up for the most part.  Most of it is presentable and clean although I still have my lingering organization projects (linen closet, pantry, basement storage room) eating at my inner thoughts.  Russ and Reid are going to be gone Saturday and Sunday this weekend and if the little two cooperate (play nicely) I might just try and tackle one of them... we'll see ;)

Speaking of projects, I found my desk and finished my office!!  It was quite the project as the desk came as a 3 piece set with an armoire and a bookshelf type cabinet with two drawers and a hutch.  My mom and Jerry came down so we would have two trucks for pick up, our neighbor helped carry in the desk and drawers and then my mom and I cleaned the heck out of them.  The armoire from the new set was terribly heavy and not as pretty as what I already had so I mixed and matched and I truly LOVE what my final result was.

Take a look:

My new office! (Tater was enjoying the sunshine.  The front of the desk needed repaired, but it was easy.  I ended up spending about $200 - $300 for ALL of it. 
Quick update but it's already 8:40 (gasp!) and my book and bed are calling my name.