Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Project Life 2013

I'm posting these mostly for Courtney, Catherine and Suzanne to see so the pictures aren't great.  I tried to get natural light so the pictures in the plastics looked ok but I didn't get close enough... plus they didn't rotate the right way when I uploaded them (why can't blogger get a little more advanced already) and I'm being lazy tonight.  BUT... I have FIVE weeks completely done in my album and I'm partway done with 6 and 7.  Can you believe it?  And in case you aren't keeping track, last week was week 8 so I'm basically current - that's pretty current for me.

Week 1 Spread:

Close up of left and right side:

I love the week in review card!!  I'm going to have a lot of extra 4x6 from the PL kit but the week in review card really helps to eliminate the need to journal a lot.  And see those vertical pictures on a colored 4x6 inserted witha  frame... my friend Suzanne taught me how to do that and it really got me back into motion on project life.
I should have used a different divider since these all ended up being instagram pictures but I didn't realize it until I'd put them all on 4x6's.  Plus, I like to keep my main pages Design A and just use the other designs for inserts.
 Week 2 Spread:

I started getting adventurous with my photoshop Elements here and added some text to a couple of photos.

The left middle tag was just one I had in my old scrapbooking stuff - love to use any of it when I get the chance and the color went well.
 Week 3 Spread:
Ok, MAYBE I'll come back and fix these pictures tomorrow or sometime - this one is upside down... geesh!

Left side - mostly pictures but the upper right hand pic I added a close up picture as an insert on a full picture.  It was the day all of my new PL kit came in!  The "eek" letters were also a use from old supplies - score! 

Right side.. nothing special - some text on a photo and an iPhone screen shot

Week 3 also had an insert!  It was fun - all dedicated to Reid's hockey weekend in Cedar Rapids, IA

Back Side of insert
 Week 4 Spread:

Upside down again - ridiculous.
Left side

Right Side.  Only thing special is I took a 4x6 photo of my new mac and divided it between two 3x4 slots - I like that look when people do it and I liked how it turned out.
 Week 5 Spread:

Left Side - no big tricks to point out.
Same tricks... 4x6 picture of bath on bottom and insert of my 'spa' face.  The left card has some rub on letters that 'yummy' but they were too light so I think shaded around them with a colored pencil - it looks pretty good up close.

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