Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Too Smart for his own good...

So, Russ and I are talking to Reid about his responsibility chart as we're putting him to bed last night. He had 5 items that he was to be focusing on this week to earn a magnet for the day. He had a really good evening compared to some of the typical 4 year old stuff we've been dealing with lately. We're giving him props for being so good and going to bed without whining. We had two issues that day where Reid was not listening very well so I was recapping them for him and explaining that he wasn't going to get that magnet. I reminded him that at daycare that morning he kept pulling on my coat and unsnapping it. I asked him to stop twice before I had to get down to his level and tell him that I did not like him messing with it and to leave my coat alone. So, I finish reminding him of that instance and we're telling him good night. Reid says "hey mom" and I say "what honey." He says - "Can you not wear that coat with the snaps tomorrow so I don't want to play with it." It's times like that when you are trying so hard to teach them a lesson and they say something like that where it's really hard to keep from laughing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A future NFL kicker...

So, Beth (our daycare provider) just called laughing hysterically and sent a picture of Reid playing at her house. It was hard to tell by the picture what he was doing so she had to explain it to me. Reid was playing football - there's supposed to be a blue football in the picture but I think he had already kicked it. He was using the baby doll that is on the floor as a tee for kicking the football. He was resting the ball between the baby's legs and then kicking it off. TOTAL BOY! He's been wanting a football tee for quite a while now - I think that's something he's going to have to get for Christmas!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The stomach flu...

Today begins day 10 of the stomach flu at the McDowell house. On the 3rd of November we were heading to get our family pictures taken when Ryan threw up all over himself. We had no indications that he wasn't feeling well and I had already dressed him in his picture clothes. We quickly turned the car around and went right back to our house. I threw him in the bathtub while Russ switched out the car seats. Luckily I had trouble deciding on a picture shirt and I had a backup option at home. We took that shirt with us and were back off to see if we could salvage a family picture. Almost there... and Ryan begins throwing up again. We get to the lake where we are meeting Erin, and we strip Ryan down and dress him in his other outfit. We tell Erin that he's not feeling well and we'll do just one location and just try to get one good shot for family christmas cards. As we walk over to get our picture taken Russ sees that I've managed to get throwup in my hair... nice! So, he combs the throwup out of my hair and the boys actually cooperated as well as you could expect for a 1 year old and 4 year old. As soon as the pics get back - I'll post one here. I'm sure we'll NEVER forget those pictures or that day.
... That day... which was the start of this horrible stomach bug that has ran through our family for the past week and a half. Russ is at home throwing up today. The boys are both feeling better but Reid did have the squirts at school today so they said he can't come back tomorrow unless they are gone. How is a mom to know??? He hasn't went #2 all weekend - I thought he was better :(
Anyway, the stomach bug sucks! We're hoping to heal up this week! I'm hoping to get my energy back and run a half marathon on Sunday so here's to a "speedy" recovery.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Ryan's 9 month appt

I took Ryan to his 9 month well child check-up today. He was 21 lbs, 9.6 oz and 30 inches long. That was 50 - 75% in weight and 95% in height. He's developmentally on par for a 16 month old - so following in his brother's footsteps already. Which of course is probably why he's doing what he's doing already -- he really wants to keep up with his brother! He's pulling up on everthing and standing and bouncing now. He's moved his feet a bit but no clear steps. No shots today so that was good. Next appt is after he turns 1 and he will get shots and have to have blood drawn then :( First birthday - WOW - hard to believe it's just around the corner. We got all of the paperwork done at the dr to leave the boys with my mom for a week while Russ and I go on our cruise. We're getting really excited for that - but lots to get done before then.

I guess that's all of the updates for today. Will work on trying to add pictures to this sometime this week!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Growing so fast!

Well... Russ is out of town (Frozen Four) and I'm flying solo tonight. I was doing laundry while Reid was in the bathtub and Ryan was satisfied playing with toys on the bathroom floor. He's pulling himself up to standing now so stands outside the bathtub and just laughs and plays with Reid. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to get something done. Then I'm folding laundry and realizing that it's oddly quiet in the bathroom. The giggling and banging of toys has ceased and I can hear nothing... I head for the bathroom and see Ryan sitting on the floor eating the end of the huge pile of toilet paper that he's unrolled. Reid is laying in the tub on his stomach. I ask Reid "why didn't you tell me Ryan had the toilet paper?" Reid simply replies "Am I the boss now?" I laugh and say "sure" and Reid just starts saying "No Ryan No." So I guess he gets that don't be bossy lesson we've given him a few times :)