Monday, April 9, 2007

Ryan's 9 month appt

I took Ryan to his 9 month well child check-up today. He was 21 lbs, 9.6 oz and 30 inches long. That was 50 - 75% in weight and 95% in height. He's developmentally on par for a 16 month old - so following in his brother's footsteps already. Which of course is probably why he's doing what he's doing already -- he really wants to keep up with his brother! He's pulling up on everthing and standing and bouncing now. He's moved his feet a bit but no clear steps. No shots today so that was good. Next appt is after he turns 1 and he will get shots and have to have blood drawn then :( First birthday - WOW - hard to believe it's just around the corner. We got all of the paperwork done at the dr to leave the boys with my mom for a week while Russ and I go on our cruise. We're getting really excited for that - but lots to get done before then.

I guess that's all of the updates for today. Will work on trying to add pictures to this sometime this week!

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