Friday, July 30, 2010

Daddy's Race

Thursday afternoon we made a decision that the weather was decent enough that we would accompany Russ to one of his orienteering races. It was a sprint distance orienteering race in a park up by the Legends. We loaded up the car with drinks and snacks and headed out for the 6 pm race. The boys had a great time playing on the playground as we waited for the race to start and while Russ ran. Hockey Ross came along with us and helped play with the boys on the playground as I kept Baby Ross happy.

Russ ran an AWESOME race. It was 2.6 km and had 12 controls (checkpoints that you have to find using a map). He finished in 17:09 which was good enough for the overall second place finish! He beat several of the other people that have beat him in races recently. He's now ranked in the top three overall for the league (PTOC).

Here are some pictures from our evening:

This was the oddest teeter totter. The kids could sit on the seats but not reach the ground so I never did quite figure out how you were supposed to make it work besides the adults helping it go up and down.

Reid playing around on some bulldozer type toy.

Ross enjoying some milk in a sippy cup.

Russ getting ready to dominate.

Reid playing tag with a couple of kids that he friended. He makes friends anywhere that we are!

These were the parents of the friends that Reid made. I won't comment... but I did take the picture ;) Enough said.

Ross found a swing... he liked it a lot.

Ryan on the climbing wall... about one step from where he fell off. He didn't cry, just shrugged it off and kept on playing.

These three pictures are of an old slide away from the "newer" part of the playground. The boys really liked it but eventually started to play a game where one of them climbed up the slide while the other one slid down the slide and knocked the feet out from under the one climbing up and they slid down together... SO, we had to end playing on that slide.

When Russ finished his race he came over and played with us on the playground for a while too. Ross really like standing up on the bottom of the big slide. We tried to get him to slide down it but his thighs kept stopping him :)

Ross also really likes daddy's hat.

Way to go on the race daddy! Glad it cooled off a bit so we could come watch you. We're so proud of you!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Boy Ross is 9 months old

Ross turned 9 months old on Saturday but his mom and dad were busy doing an orienteering race in Perry, KS and he was staying with grandma Cella. I took his picture on Friday morning before work. It was a rush job so not as good of quality as we usually get- besides, this kid does NOT sit still any longer! We got this onesie at Wal-Mart - it says "I'm a great catch"... it's a cheap onesie but it worked for the day - plus it had a MU Tiger on it!

This picture is from Sunday, 9 months and 1 day... he was modeling Grandma Cella's stroller that she wants to sell. I thought he looked cute and grandma did too - she said no one would actually look at the stroller... BUT... we are proving that it's sturdy - check out those thighs!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Ross is growing like a weed!! He can no longer where any of his 6 - 9 month clothing... or even his 9 month onesies. That leaves us only a few options for pajamas right now so I bought him a new pair of pajamas yesterday. He now wears 12 month pajamas and I thought the options available were very "big boy" options. I was only at Wal-Mart and I got to choose between Spongebob or Spiderman. I went with Spongebob knowing that Ryan also had a new pair of Spongebob pajamas at home that we forgot to give him for his birthday.

Note for grandmas - my favorite kind of pajamas for Ross are the ones with a short sleeve shirt that snaps on a pair of pants without feet. We have one pair that we got at Kohl's and they were Carter's brand, size 12 months (and we'll probably be 18 months soon too). I haven't found this type of jammies again but we like them!

Here are some pics I snapped of the boys after bathtime.

These make me smile... such silly boys :)

Wrapping up the bible school post... Friday night of last week was the carnival for the end of bible school. Reid invited our neighbor, Jack, to go with him as after the carnival Reid was going to a Bump City open play with him. We got to the carnival right as it started at 5:30 and immediately started playing games. It was HOT outside so the boys spent some time in the bounce houses and on the playground but we quickly headed inside for the cake walk. Reid won a plate of cookies early on and then after SEVERAL attempts, Ryan won a plate of cupcakes. The carnival included chick-fil-a meals for $3.50 a piece but they were late getting the food there. Just as the food arrived a LARGE black cloud started rolling in. We ordered our meals while Russ took the cakes and the diaper bag to the van. We ate "some" and then realized we had about 3 minutes to get out of there before we got soaked. Jack had already got his hair spray painted and Reid wanted to as well so we waited in line for just a couple of minutes so he could get his done as well. The church helpers began taking down bounce houses and moving all of the tables inside so we gathered up all of our food, drinks and kids and headed to the car. We left right at 6:30 so the kids had plenty of time to do the games and we NARROWLY missed getting drenched as it began POURING rain on the way home. The boys finished their dinners when we got home and then Reid left with Jack to go to Bump City. Here are some pictures of Reid and Jack with their blue and green mohawk hair. They had a lot of fun with their poses:

Normal pose -
Silly Faces -
Serious faces -

Rocker poses -

Upside Down Pose -
And of course Ryan wanted to get in on some of the silly fun:

Friday, July 16, 2010

So proud of the boys...

The boys wrapped up their final night of bible school last night. I am so proud of both of them, they really had a fantastic week. Bible school was themed based on Romans 8:37 (In all these things we are more than conquerers, through him who loved us). Reid memorized the verse very well. Ryan knows most of it and even corrected me the other night when I forgot the "more than" part. Ryan we were just so proud that he went, tried it, and really enjoyed it. We never had trouble at drop off or pick up and it was late in the evening (6:30 - 8:30) when he is most prone to be tired and crabby.

We celebrated the end of a great VBS session last night with ice cream. Just as we were getting home from pick-up last night the ice cream van was going down the street (those things still creep me out!!). The boys each picked out a popsicle and sat on the porch eating them. Reid got Iron Man and Ryan got Bat Man.

Last night at VBS the boys made prayer books. I had to take a picture of Ryan's because he OBVIOUSLY had fun decorating it... LOL. I don't know where Reid's "E" went and he had his N backwards but he did a pretty good job. Here are their prayer books and some of the other crafts they had.

Reid came home with a bible last night too. I noticed that no other kids had bibles so I asked on the way out and she said that he could have it. I saw when we got home that they had put a sticker and his name on the inside and it really was his. I don't know if he asked for one or what but he got it and it had bookmarks with several verses marked so he was all into reading it last night. He said that the first prayer he was going to draw in his prayer book was that he asked God not to let his Bible get dirty.