Friday, July 23, 2010

Wrapping up the bible school post... Friday night of last week was the carnival for the end of bible school. Reid invited our neighbor, Jack, to go with him as after the carnival Reid was going to a Bump City open play with him. We got to the carnival right as it started at 5:30 and immediately started playing games. It was HOT outside so the boys spent some time in the bounce houses and on the playground but we quickly headed inside for the cake walk. Reid won a plate of cookies early on and then after SEVERAL attempts, Ryan won a plate of cupcakes. The carnival included chick-fil-a meals for $3.50 a piece but they were late getting the food there. Just as the food arrived a LARGE black cloud started rolling in. We ordered our meals while Russ took the cakes and the diaper bag to the van. We ate "some" and then realized we had about 3 minutes to get out of there before we got soaked. Jack had already got his hair spray painted and Reid wanted to as well so we waited in line for just a couple of minutes so he could get his done as well. The church helpers began taking down bounce houses and moving all of the tables inside so we gathered up all of our food, drinks and kids and headed to the car. We left right at 6:30 so the kids had plenty of time to do the games and we NARROWLY missed getting drenched as it began POURING rain on the way home. The boys finished their dinners when we got home and then Reid left with Jack to go to Bump City. Here are some pictures of Reid and Jack with their blue and green mohawk hair. They had a lot of fun with their poses:

Normal pose -
Silly Faces -
Serious faces -

Rocker poses -

Upside Down Pose -
And of course Ryan wanted to get in on some of the silly fun:

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