Saturday, March 28, 2009

Officially a BIG BOY!

We told Ryan that he would get a new big boy bed when he was potty trained. We went to underwear last Friday evening. He had a poopy accident on Saturday and not a single accident since then. We're definitely counting our blessings but it seems that he's all on board with being a big boy! Given we went a week with no accidents and he's telling us when he has to go potty... we went and got his big boy bed Thursday night. Last night daddy and Ryan put it together and he slept in it all night long! I snuck in around 11 pm and peeked at him and he was sleeping great. Russ and I went in to get him up at 8 am and he was awake but just laying in his bed. He loves playing in his new room and laying in his big boy bed. LOTS of pictures attached.

(and we do plan on getting proper bedding and a bed skirt... but we're not going out in this weather!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


FYI... uploaded new pics on the 3/17 post of Reid in his soccer jersey.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Reid!

Reid is officially 5 1/2 today! He woke up and asked if he looked bigger and of course I said he did. He said... yeah, now my face is where my hair was and my hair is even higher. He wore his green soccer jersey from the spring of 2006 today for St Patrick's Day. When he wore that jersey he just drowned in it - pic attached. Today - it actually fits him! New pics from today attached...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ryan's first semi-shiner

The boys were outside last night enjoying the fabulous weather that we've been having and both learned a valuable lesson. Reid learned that you have to watch out for what's around you when you are swinging a bat and poor Ryan learned not to walk around your brother when he is practicing swinging a bat... Yep, got him right in the eyebrow - busted it up a bit, but Russ said there wasn't much blood and Ryan was actually pretty good about keeping an ice pack on it. It was bruised and swollen pretty good last night but most of the swelling was gone by this morning and there is just a small cut, a bruise and some redness. I tried getting some pictures of it last night but Ryan was NOT cooperative until Reid talked him into silly pictures but it still didn't catch the owey very well.

Guys night out

Russ purchased tickets to the St Louis Blues game for himself and Reid. They met up with Russ' brother, Scott (whom we never get to see enough), and Col. Downey (an old friend and mentor of Russ' from the Marines) for dinner. Russ said that Reid was pretty good at dinner and even got comments from the next table over about how well behaved he was. After dinner, Russ, Scott and Reid went to the Blues game where they purchased a knee hockey set and a very large tub of popcorn - Reid was in heaven. By the time they got home, Reid crashed on the couch! I think a good time was had by all.