Sunday, February 22, 2009

Only from an Aunt....

You know those gifts your children get for Christmas/birthdays/etc and then you proceed to hide them before they remember they got them :) Oh wait, am I the only one that does this? Anyway, the boys got a very large tub of play doh and accessories from their Aunt Courtney for Christmas. Ryan has actually never played play doh at home (come on, the kid used to eat EVERYTHING)! We got the play doh out last week and the boys LOVED it. They would have played with it for hours if it hadn't been close to bed time when we got it out. Ryan loved one of the rollers that came with it along with the fork and knife (of course!) Reid plays it at school so he wasn't interested in it for as long but Ryan actually wanted to play it again the next night. Here's my attempt at getting a video of the boys saying "Thank you Courtney." Ryan would only say it one time, and unfortunately it was before I had the camera ready... but THANKS COURT!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bucking horses and blue rangers...

We had one of the worst weekends ever! Ryan got sick at daycare around noon on Thursday and by the time we got home Reid was sick as well. They stayed home Friday with dad and were sick all day Saturday as well. I missed my group run Saturday morning because I had been up at 4:00 cleaning a crib filled with the poops :( Russ was gone the majority of the day Saturday (local hockey tourney) and I changed diaper after diaper.

When Russ woke up Sunday morning he felt miserable! He spent the entire day in bed sick. By Sunday the boys were feeling much better and definitely bouncing off the walls. If you looked around our house you would have never guessed that it was spotless on Wednesday. The cushions are off the couch (the boys play wipeout that way), the laundry is piling up (because I was washing bedding), the sink is full of dirty dishes (no valid excuse), and there are toys in EVERY room on every surface of flooring! Rather than clean up the house I decided that we had to go to the grocery store - we literally had NOTHING left in the house. The boys and I grocery shopped (actually I shopped, they sampled and sampled and sampled- our grocery store is cool).

Speaking of cool grocery store... during the checkout line they offer tokens for the mechanical horse quietly to the adult (how thoughtful). Typically I quietly decline but I actually accpeted this time and we went over to ride the mechanical horse. Reid was first and was pretty excited - oddly excited for a 5 year old and a horse that barely rocks back and forth. I put the money on and the horse takes off. Here is where Reid's energy kicked in - my only guess is from being lazy the last two days and brain dead from the tv. He REALLY gets into riding the horse.

Reid: "Woo Hoo... I'm going to buck you like a real cowboy, horsey"
Reid: "YEE-HAW"
Reid: "That's right horsey... you give me a good ride and I'll feed you an apple"
Reid: "Yee-haw cowboy"
Mom: (hiding behind my hand and purse and trying to let him enjoy his turn)

Seriously... people were actually stopping to watch this cute little kid REALLY enjoy his ride on the horse. I was afraid we were going to draw a crowd. It was humiliating... but FINALLY over. Phew.

Then Ryan's turn... he sits for about 10 seconds and decides he doesn't like it. Reid asks "Can I finish his turn?" OMG... seriously... couldn't think of a good excuse why not.. so he was back at it. "Yippee, Yee-haw" It was a long 30 seconds ;)

Later that afternoon they were getting really loud again (pretend fighting and playing power rangers) and I felt pretty bad that I wasn't able to keep them quiet so Russ could sleep. I told them we were going to go to McDonald's and play until we went to the hockey game. Ryan had worn a St Louis hockey jersey that day and I told him he had to change because Mike's team was playing St Louis that night. He went up to his closet to pick out his own shirt (something he's really getting into lately). I got to his room after he had already started looking and found him selecting his shirts by what color power ranger he wanted to be. He was shuffling through the shirts - "Not the green ranger, not the red ranger, not the white ranger... Yeah, the blue ranger!" He picked out a long sleeve blue shirt with hockey sticks on it - a good choice. He hands it to me and says "I want to be the blue ranger."

Apparently we need to shut the tv off this week from television overload the last four days!