Monday, June 17, 2013

A weekend recap

1.  Remember my messy linen closet that I talked about HERE?  I FINALLY got around to cleaning it out!  Such a nice feeling to get some crap out of the house and have a more organized system.  Office and linen closet done.  Basement and Pantry left.

Before... ugh!
And after.  Took a load to goodwill, moved some stuff that we don't use regularly and now we can actually fit everything in the closet and see where it all is at.  When I win the lottery I will buy new towels that are all the same color and two sets of sheets that are the same color for each of the beds.  Until then, this is as good as it gets and I'm happy!

2. Father's Day was kind of a bust. Admittedly, I didn't really plan anything out very well.  We tried to go geo-cache with the boys but it was a swampy, muddy mess.  We found one and then decided to bail.  We were going to go out to eat but a fight from the boys in the car led to plan B.  I ran to the grocery store and grabbed lunch for Russ and we ate at home.  The whole weekend wasn't a failure though.  Saturday morning Ryan went to the gun show with Russ and had a great time.  Then Saturday night Russ watched hockey at our neighbor's and the boys played Xbox all evening and then I took them out for Orange Leaf.

Our geo cache find from Father's Day

Not sure why the blog squishes my vertical pictures lately but too lazy to care right now.  These are  Ryan's gun show purchases - a hammer/multi-function pocket knife type tool, a pocket knife and a laser pointer.

The boys and Eli at Orange Leaf on Saturday night.
So, not the most exciting of weekends but not the worst either.  We've got two more weekends at home and then we're off on vacation!!  Next weekend we might take the boys to see Monsters University on Sunday, help Aunt Courtney move on Saturday and I'm going to play some flag football and squeeze in a long run.