Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ross is special

Ross has now been at his daycare for over a year.  He's in the process of moving to his FOURTH classroom.  A lot of changes in 14 months!!  BUT... he's had such a good experience.  He's bitten quite a bit (which has led to some of the room changes) but that seems to be slowing down quite a bit - knock on wood.  I think it's been over two weeks since he has bitten a friend.
I'm confident in saying Ross is potty trained now.  (Again knock on wood - just don't want to jinx myself).  He has made it through daycare without any accidents for over 9 days in a row now.  He's doing really, really well.  We had a few set backs last week in #2 accidents but those seem to be resolved now.  Nothing a few kit kat's can't cure :)  The boy is motivated like his momma!!
Anyway, back to daycare.  We receive daily updates with pictures on what they did that day and additional pictures are always on their web page.  Here are some of the fun things Ross has gotten to do at his new school:
Splash Days this summer:

A unit on foods.  They learned all about different foods and had lots of taste tests.  This day they compared cooked noodles and uncooked noodles:

A puppet show came to the school and performed for them:

The have sensory tables and tubs where they are encouraged to explore and allowed to get messy:

 And he has lots and lots of play time where he gets to build and create things:

Lately I have noticed that he's been concentrating more and more in the pictures that they are taking.  In most of these pictures he's working on a project and his tongue is hanging out.  Several examples:

ok, tongue may not be out but I can see the concentration on his face here
He's definitely gotten used to having his picture taken, both at home and at school and can certainly be a ham:

BUT... I can't for the life of me figure out why the daycare didn't use this picture of him that I happened to find on their website:

Ok, I'm totally kidding.  That picture just cracks me up... EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.  It is weeks old and I still laugh every time I look at it.  My kid is special :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jody's Senior Pictures

Courtney's going to see this and I'm going to be in trouble.  I know, I know... I am way overdue on an update on here.  I PROMISE one this week!  But I had to load these for Jody's mom... I was killing her inbox and this method was easier.  Aren't they good???

I think this one is my favorite

Another favorite - great smile!

And I've never been a huge fan of black & white pictures because I love color and I'm not into 'classic' much... but I have all of these in black and white also.  And this is my favorite in black and white:

Thanks Suzanne!!! You did a fabulous job, as usual :)