Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Boy Ross is 9 months old

Ross turned 9 months old on Saturday but his mom and dad were busy doing an orienteering race in Perry, KS and he was staying with grandma Cella. I took his picture on Friday morning before work. It was a rush job so not as good of quality as we usually get- besides, this kid does NOT sit still any longer! We got this onesie at Wal-Mart - it says "I'm a great catch"... it's a cheap onesie but it worked for the day - plus it had a MU Tiger on it!

This picture is from Sunday, 9 months and 1 day... he was modeling Grandma Cella's stroller that she wants to sell. I thought he looked cute and grandma did too - she said no one would actually look at the stroller... BUT... we are proving that it's sturdy - check out those thighs!

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