Monday, July 12, 2010

Mark Twain Landing

We began our vacation at Mark Twain Landing. This was the third year there for the McDowell's and the second year that the rest of the "Hickman" side of the family joined us. All three of my sisters were there with their families along with my mom and Jerry. Our family got four nights stay from the Sharp's (mom & Jerry) for Christmas and Russ & I added on an additional night. We got to the cabins between 1:00 and 2:00 on Thursday (check in time is at 3:00 - ha ha, private joke). Once we got checked into our cabin Russ unloaded the van so I could make the beds and get things put away while he and Reid went over to his parents house to pick up our groceries. Grandma Linda had been nice enough to go do our grocery shopping the day before so we didn't have to try to pack and keep cool groceries for 5 days for 5 people... it was a LOT!
There are so many things to do at the cabins - we just have so much fun. Oddly, we took our camera but didn't take one picture ourselves. We were quite a bit busy this year shuffling around so we never really had that extra attention to put on capturing pictures. That is fine, it just means that the pictures we do have below were taken by my sister, Cheri, which is why they seem to look like my kids were living with them on this trip. Not too many pics of Russ and I with the kiddos). We were quite busy going from activity to activity, managing Ross' nap and eating schedule as best as we could, and just having fun. Reid and Ryan absolutely LOVED having that much time to just play with their cousins. We hardly ever see them for more then just a few hours at a time and I think that was one of their most favorite parts. (although they did enjoy seeing their aunts, uncles, and grandparents too).

One day we went over to ride go-karts. Here is Cheri's husband (Jerry) holding Ross while we figured out what we were doing.

Reid wanted to ride the go-kart with Uncle Jerry. (I guess mom isn't cool enough). Luckily Ryan picked mom to ride with him so we got a ride in and we got to race Grandma Cella. We had a lot of fun and Ryan seemed to really enjoy them.

Here are some random pictures that Cheri had from the cabins.

Ryan - playing with one of the twirly decorations that Grandma Cella brought.

The Cashier kids and my kids feeding the geese bread and bread crusts.

This is when Scott and Jerry C were building a bonfire and Grandpa Jerry, Ross and I were just hanging out on the golf cart watching them.

Smores night. I don't know why Ryan doesn't look like he's having much fun but Courtney and I were! MMMMmmm... Smores! I found these campfire marshmallows at HyVee and they were so cool. One marshmallow was too big for a half size of the graham crackers. The kids loved roasting the marshmallows but really didn't want to eat them roasted so then we just threw them in the fire and watched them burn. They LOVE marshmallows plain but I'm not sure they have the full concept of how delicious a Smores is just yet.

Reid was very excited about fishing. Here he is just checking out the pole but Cheri and Jerry did take him fishing (thanks guys). Courtney and I just rode around on the golf cart while they fished and mom and Jerry watched. Russ and I just aren't really into fishing. That's something special that Reid can share with his aunt and uncle :)

My absolute favorite part of the campground is that it has an attached water park and it is the most fun ever! The lines are NEVER long so you could go down slides all day long. They have four big slides, one toilet bowl slide, one little black slide that is fast and fun, a lazy river, a wave pool, a basic swimming pool and a pretty neat kiddie area. We got two full day passes for four people for $60!! We spent a lot of time at the water park. The kids enjoyed the snacks at the snack bar on both days. Reid got a funnel cake both days and Ryan had an ice cream cone on the 2nd day which he generously shared with Caits (pictures below).

And one of Ryan swimming.

Ross enjoyed the water park a little bit on both days. He would come out for a couple of hours and then Russ would take him back to the cabin so he could get his nap in. He really likes the water and even went under a time or two.

Here is he hanging out watching the fun with Grandma Cella.

It's hard to explain or summarize how much fun the cabins are. It's slow-paced, low-key... but there is enough to do that you aren't bored. We played Monopoly Deal on our screened in porch one night with Aunt Courtney and one day when it was raining and had so much fun. Russ and I went out the next week and bought the card game for ourselves!

I can't believe we've already been back for two weeks - we had so much fun!!!

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