Friday, July 30, 2010

Daddy's Race

Thursday afternoon we made a decision that the weather was decent enough that we would accompany Russ to one of his orienteering races. It was a sprint distance orienteering race in a park up by the Legends. We loaded up the car with drinks and snacks and headed out for the 6 pm race. The boys had a great time playing on the playground as we waited for the race to start and while Russ ran. Hockey Ross came along with us and helped play with the boys on the playground as I kept Baby Ross happy.

Russ ran an AWESOME race. It was 2.6 km and had 12 controls (checkpoints that you have to find using a map). He finished in 17:09 which was good enough for the overall second place finish! He beat several of the other people that have beat him in races recently. He's now ranked in the top three overall for the league (PTOC).

Here are some pictures from our evening:

This was the oddest teeter totter. The kids could sit on the seats but not reach the ground so I never did quite figure out how you were supposed to make it work besides the adults helping it go up and down.

Reid playing around on some bulldozer type toy.

Ross enjoying some milk in a sippy cup.

Russ getting ready to dominate.

Reid playing tag with a couple of kids that he friended. He makes friends anywhere that we are!

These were the parents of the friends that Reid made. I won't comment... but I did take the picture ;) Enough said.

Ross found a swing... he liked it a lot.

Ryan on the climbing wall... about one step from where he fell off. He didn't cry, just shrugged it off and kept on playing.

These three pictures are of an old slide away from the "newer" part of the playground. The boys really liked it but eventually started to play a game where one of them climbed up the slide while the other one slid down the slide and knocked the feet out from under the one climbing up and they slid down together... SO, we had to end playing on that slide.

When Russ finished his race he came over and played with us on the playground for a while too. Ross really like standing up on the bottom of the big slide. We tried to get him to slide down it but his thighs kept stopping him :)

Ross also really likes daddy's hat.

Way to go on the race daddy! Glad it cooled off a bit so we could come watch you. We're so proud of you!

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