Thursday, July 8, 2010

St Louis

Before we went to New London/Hannibal we spent a couple of days in St Louis. When we left the cabins we took our food, toys, extra clothing/luggage to Russ' parents' house and headed for St Louis. We found our hotel and checked in before heading off to the City Museum. We weren't exactly sure what to expect from the City Museum but we were extremely impressed. We had planned a couple of hours to spend there.

AND... that was just outside. Inside... more tunnels, a train, slides, and passageways. There was a rooftop attraction with a school bus and a ferris wheel as well. The rooftop was an additional charge and we hadn't saved the time for it (something to do next time).

The boys had a blast for a little over two hours and then we decided that we better head back to the hotel to get a nap in before our late baseball game that night. This is definitely a place that we want to visit again. It would have been easier without Ross so we could both have followed the boys around and let them go their own ways but it all went well.

We drew the shades in our hotel room and soon had three boys asleep (Russ, Ryan and Ross). Reid and I hung out playing on the computer while they rested.

After we got up and around we headed out to the St Louis Cardinals ball game. The game didn't start until 7:10 (close to Ross' bedtime) and it was a hot day so we were a bit nervous about how the evening might go. We got to the stadium and in without lines, found our seats were in the shade and had a great view (albiet high), and the boys were really good. We had several bathroom and concession stand trips (personal note - next time get aisle seats) but the people setting beside us were very understanding. The boys did really well and lasted until the 6th inning. Ross was getting tired and the Cardinals were up by many runs (they ended up winning 8-0) so we headed out to get the boys some souveniers and head back to the hotel. As we left the stadium, Reid was complaining that his legs hurt so we spontaneously decided to rent a bike with a cart and get a ride back to our car. It was so much fun!

On Wednesday morning we woke up and went to pick up Uncle Scott to hang out for the day. After breakfast at McDonald's, we went to the Science Center. The Science Center is free to enter but then you buy tickets for either the OmniMax, the discovery room, or the pirate exhibit. We got tickets for the discovery room and the pirate exhibit. Before our ticket times we walked around looking at the hands on exhibits that were there. The boys walked out on a bridge and clocked the speed of cars passing underneath, built an arch using foam pads, and then visited an area with dinosaurs that move as if they are real. We had just enough time to walk around and play when our discovery room time came available.

The discovery room times are limited to 30 - 40 kids at a time in a large room with a ton of hands on areas set up (water table, indian hut, medical area, puzzles, etc). This room was very neat and by far the best part of the Science Center. After the discovery room we headed to the Real Pirates exhibit. The exhibit was actual artifacts and treasures recovered from a sunken pirate ship. I think the exhibit was interesting for the kids for a short while but it wasn't hands on and they soon lost interest and wanted to go very quickly. Given the higher price tag, I wouldn't recommend this exhibit unless for older children or adults.

We left the Science Center after the exhibit and took Uncle Scott out to lunch at a pizza and pasta place. Lunch with our three boys... what a treat ;) The boys were pretty restless at lunch but we managed through. We dropped Scott off at his house and headed off to New London to the McDowell's for the final leg of our vacation.

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