Friday, July 16, 2010

So proud of the boys...

The boys wrapped up their final night of bible school last night. I am so proud of both of them, they really had a fantastic week. Bible school was themed based on Romans 8:37 (In all these things we are more than conquerers, through him who loved us). Reid memorized the verse very well. Ryan knows most of it and even corrected me the other night when I forgot the "more than" part. Ryan we were just so proud that he went, tried it, and really enjoyed it. We never had trouble at drop off or pick up and it was late in the evening (6:30 - 8:30) when he is most prone to be tired and crabby.

We celebrated the end of a great VBS session last night with ice cream. Just as we were getting home from pick-up last night the ice cream van was going down the street (those things still creep me out!!). The boys each picked out a popsicle and sat on the porch eating them. Reid got Iron Man and Ryan got Bat Man.

Last night at VBS the boys made prayer books. I had to take a picture of Ryan's because he OBVIOUSLY had fun decorating it... LOL. I don't know where Reid's "E" went and he had his N backwards but he did a pretty good job. Here are their prayer books and some of the other crafts they had.

Reid came home with a bible last night too. I noticed that no other kids had bibles so I asked on the way out and she said that he could have it. I saw when we got home that they had put a sticker and his name on the inside and it really was his. I don't know if he asked for one or what but he got it and it had bookmarks with several verses marked so he was all into reading it last night. He said that the first prayer he was going to draw in his prayer book was that he asked God not to let his Bible get dirty.

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