Friday, April 6, 2007

Growing so fast!

Well... Russ is out of town (Frozen Four) and I'm flying solo tonight. I was doing laundry while Reid was in the bathtub and Ryan was satisfied playing with toys on the bathroom floor. He's pulling himself up to standing now so stands outside the bathtub and just laughs and plays with Reid. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to get something done. Then I'm folding laundry and realizing that it's oddly quiet in the bathroom. The giggling and banging of toys has ceased and I can hear nothing... I head for the bathroom and see Ryan sitting on the floor eating the end of the huge pile of toilet paper that he's unrolled. Reid is laying in the tub on his stomach. I ask Reid "why didn't you tell me Ryan had the toilet paper?" Reid simply replies "Am I the boss now?" I laugh and say "sure" and Reid just starts saying "No Ryan No." So I guess he gets that don't be bossy lesson we've given him a few times :)

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