Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Too Smart for his own good...

So, Russ and I are talking to Reid about his responsibility chart as we're putting him to bed last night. He had 5 items that he was to be focusing on this week to earn a magnet for the day. He had a really good evening compared to some of the typical 4 year old stuff we've been dealing with lately. We're giving him props for being so good and going to bed without whining. We had two issues that day where Reid was not listening very well so I was recapping them for him and explaining that he wasn't going to get that magnet. I reminded him that at daycare that morning he kept pulling on my coat and unsnapping it. I asked him to stop twice before I had to get down to his level and tell him that I did not like him messing with it and to leave my coat alone. So, I finish reminding him of that instance and we're telling him good night. Reid says "hey mom" and I say "what honey." He says - "Can you not wear that coat with the snaps tomorrow so I don't want to play with it." It's times like that when you are trying so hard to teach them a lesson and they say something like that where it's really hard to keep from laughing.

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