Sunday, February 17, 2008

... And more snow...

This has been like the never ending winter! I'm so sick of the cold, the snow and the viruses that seem to be plaguing our house this year :( Courtney came up for President's Day weekend so we could go wedding dress shopping with Cheri. The boys were excited to see her - Ryan now has down his version of how to say "courtney." Reid looked forward to her coming all week long. Her visit seemed short but we did get to take the boys to play at Monkey Business, a new indoor playground. Here are pictures of us letting the boys use their shovels from Grandma Cella outside... but don't be fooled - we didn't stay long. They did about 3 minutes of shoveling and we called it quits - it's just so darn cold and they just got over being sick... AGAIN!

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