Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reid's 5 year checkup

Well, we didn't get any pictures but Reid did have his 5 year checkup yesterday - which included 5 shots - poor guy! He screamed while they gave them to him but he did recover pretty quickly. He would milk it when asked but he didn't really complain much. He got an Ironman sticker from the lady at the drs office, a dum dum sucker, a milkshake from Sonic and then a toy from Toys R Us. I guess we did plenty to reward him for being such a big boy.

And a big boy he is! He weighed 41 pounds. He was in the 50th percentile on height and 75th on weight. He answered every question on the developmental questionaire just fine (and they seemed SUPER easy for a 5 year old!) He had to know 4 basic colors, 5 basic animals, stand on one leg, etc... I almost laughed when the nurse asked us if he could count to 10 - he's been showing off by counting to 100 a lot lately.

Ryan got the flu vaccine as the nasal mist which was nice and mom took a flu shot in the arm like a champ (but it is a bit sore)...

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