Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Belated Thank You!

Aren't sound asleep kids just the cutest! This is a picture from the trip that the boys took with Russ to see Grandpa and Grandma Linda the weekend before last. My best friend from DC was in town and we had a great time eating out, scrapbooking and catching up.

Russ said that the boys played extremely hard - pretty apparent from how sound asleep they were when he snapped this picture. They had a great weekend. They did all of our favorite things from the McDowell farm - rode the tractor, the 4 wheeler, shot some guns, played on the swingset, and got spoiled rotten by Grandma Linda (who knew there was such a thing as John Deere fruit snacks)!

All mother's know that while we love our husband and children it feels as if we are constantly "needed" for something. Russ has quickly discovered that one of the greatest gifts he can give me is just some time alone. It's so refreshing and allows me to recharge so much that I absolutely can't wait until they get back home! So, thanks honey... I had a great weekend and I'm really glad that you guys did too.

Lesson for any of my male readers:

1 - most women would die for a day or a weekend home alone - don't make 'her' plan it... just plan it and do it - she'll thank you later

2 - if the kids are bad for you, she'll feel guilty... she probably feels partly guilty for wanting the alone time anyway... so no matter how the kids are - just say they were fabulous, say that you had the best time ever - you'll be giving her a great gift of relaxation and peace.

Russ has discovered these tips early and he's done this for me a couple of times this year - it's fabulous! Thanks again Russ... I love you!

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