Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our "country" boys...

This post is long overdue but I had to get it up as I just love so many of these pictures and have so many great memories from this weekend. The weekend of 8/21 - 8/23 we went to visit Russ' parents out on their farm. We spent most of the weekend outside. The weather was gorgeous and we really let the boys do a lot of roaming and playing outside. We only took play clothes and we let them romp around and get dirty all weekend!

Grandpa had some hay bales out in the hay pasture that got rained on and were no good so we rode down and watched dad pick them all up for grandpa so they could be thrown in the ditch. Ryan, dad and grandpa rode the tractor down to the field and mom and Reid rode the 4 wheeler down. Once down there we all hopped on the trailer to ride over to the bales - those are the pictures of the boys sitting on the trailer shooting me with their guns. Had to share the picture of Russ throwing bales on the trailer - hard at work men are so sexy :)


After the hard work of clearing the hay field we took the boys down to throw rocks into the creek.

After a few tosses of some big rocks, we ended up wading and practically swimming in the creek. The boys had a ton of fun and we had fun watching them. The weather and lighting was gorgeous so I'm sharing a ton of pictures.


Our trip ended on Sunday with some good old fashioned target practice and shooting of our guns... (and yes, mom actually shot her first gun and hit the target!) The boys like riding the 4 wheeler down with dad and grandpa to look at the target after each round of practice. I included pictures of the boys in their hearing protection so you all know that their hearing truly is "selective" and not damaged because of their exposure to firearms - lol.

Oh, yes, and both boys had a lot of fun climbing around the hay bales in the barn and Reid started getting a little adventurous climbing to the top and jumping around on them too.


Russ had recently bought the boys a book titled "Hello Truman" that talks about Mizzou traditions and places on campus. The book has been a hit with both boys but Ryan especially took a liking to it. We ended our trip by stopping in Columbia to walk around the campus and show the boys the columns, Jesse Hall, Memorial Union, and Faurot field. The boys were especially excited to discover that MU has a McDonald's on campus and are certain that it is where they want to go to school now.

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