Monday, January 12, 2009

Moving On...

Ok, I've been really wanting to finish up our Advent Calendar posts and also post what a wonderful Christmas we had... but... something is wrong with our computer, software, or most likely our camera. We can't seem to get the pictures to download. I think our plan of attack now is going to take them off the memory card and burn them to a CD and get a new camera. So the blog will be back in action and pictures will be added soon!

A little update:
We did have a fabulous Christmas! We got a Wii, a Wii fit, three nights at a cabin this summer, many many toys, some clothing, a new crockpot, and 500 rounds of ammo for dad :) We got to spend some quality time with both sets of grandparents and some nice time at our own house playing with toys.

Jake has left our house and moved back to Minnesota. About two weeks after Jake left we were asked if we would house again. As we had planned on having a teenager with us all year anyway, we accepted. Mike Shibrowski, an 18 year old from Minnesota has moved in. He's a goalie - which leads to lots of hockey games where we pause every shot on goal so both Russ and Mike can see where the shot was and how the goalie handled it. Mike is really a great kid. Of course, the boys were really accepting of him right away and we're really enjoying having him here.

The boys spent this weekend at Grandpa and Grandma Sharp's. Carmen had an all day scrapbook on Saturday and Russ and Carmen ran in an orienteering race on Sunday. We picked the boys up last night only to find that Reid had been getting sick during the day. Grandma did a great job taking care of him and he's at home healing up with dad today.

We've been introducing potties to Ryan as of late although we haven't hit the official "potty training" stage just yet. Most of the time he just has no interest at all. I'm sure it will click one of these weeks... hopefully.

That's about all the updates for now - pictures and more blogs to be back on track SOON!

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