Monday, December 22, 2008

"Titney" is in town!

Had to pose for a picture together since we had Courtney here to take one for us... Usually we always have to have someone out... Thanks Court.

Pretty big news for the McDowell house. Reid and I picked up Courtney from the airport on Saturday night. Her plane was delayed by 15 minutes as they had to de-ice in Chicago. I bought Reid an orange juice and myself a hot chocolate at Starbucks and we grabbed a table.

Reid said "Hey mom, let's pretend we are on a date."
I said "ok, sure"
Reid says - "Like a real date, ok"...
Me - "uh huh"
Reid: "So, how's your drink"
Me - "very good, nice and warm"
Reid "and how was your day"
Me - "Pretty good"
Reid "I love you mom"

He's so sweet :) Ryan was at home with dad but was just as excited to see Courtney when we got there. Her name has transitioned over the last year and it now sounds like "Titney"

Sunday was EXTREMELY cold. The wind just cut right through you. We got out to go to the gym and it was miserable. Our plan was to go ice skating at the rink by our house but all of us lost the desire to even be outside again that day. Courtney and I decided we'd brave the cold and go get stuff to make the popcorn string. When we got back Courtney volunteered to watch the boys while Russ and I went to dinner as Ryan had fallen asleep at 6 pm (not a good nap time but oh well). Russ and I enjoyed dinner and realized when we got home at 8 pm that we still needed to do the advent calendar. Fabulous Aunt Courtney had already given the boys a bath and put on their pajamas (see why we just love her!!!). Reid was playing computer games on my laptop and they were pretty content so we decided to go with something simple:

Day 21 - Read EXTRA books before bed.

Cheesy I know... but they are 2 and 5 and still fall for all of it :) Courtney read to Reid while I read to Ryan (dad photographed) and then we switched. As I went in to read to Reid he says "hey mom, this is pretty fun"... I said, "yeah, I thought you'd like it." He says "Yeah, it's just like staying up late"

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