Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Sunday catchup

So, I meant to catch up yesterday but I had left our Santa letters at home... how's that for a spoiler.

Day 7 - Hang Christmas lights outside AND write our letters to Santa

Hang Christmas lights outside was one of the papers that we had shuffled around a couple of times and it ended up in Sunday and I just left it with the original write letters to Santa so the boys found TWO slips of papers which was pretty exciting for them.

After Russ and I had finished our orienteering race (6.5mi in 3.5 hours) and took our babysitter home (thanks Morgan) we decided we better get started with the lights. It was 4:30 by the time we got started. Last year Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Cella had bought us the neighborhood recommended red and green lights for our tree by the street but I couldn't find them (how do we still have all the extension cords and one strand of red but have misplaced the others - I have no clue). Ryan and I ran to Lowe's to get more and they were out. So, we did a quick run to Wal-Mart, got what we needed and returned home. By the time we got home, Russ and Reid had our little evergreens by the front door done. We finished up the other tree and went in for dinner.

After dinner we sat down to write Santa letters. I have no funny commentary besides just to show you how kids can put a smile on your face:
Dear Santa,
I want that paper. I want new guns. BIG guns. I will shoot my gun at a bad guy. I want mommy for Christmas. Me leave Santa cookies. I live in time out. Please come see me.
Ryan McDowell, Age 2.5 (Overland Park, KS)

Dear Santa,
I will leave you cookies. I want a big gun just like Ryan but bigger than his. I want transformers, new underwear and lots of warm socks - even a new car - a Lightning McQueen car that you can get in to drive. I love you Santa.
Reid McDowell, Age 5 (Overland Park, KS)

I swear that Reid got all new socks and underwear just a couple of weeks ago so we have NO idea where this request came from. And yes, we do have quite the collection of dart guns and other guns and dad can really get them going with them!

p.s. - our camera is horrible at taking pictures in the dark so I've included the best one that we had just for fun...

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