Friday, December 5, 2008

Rudolph, Santa Claus, and presents... oh my!

Tonight was Ryan's night to open the door on our calendar which he did really enjoy. He then went on to ransacking the pantry for snacks as Reid did the event.

Day 4 - Learn the true meaning of Christmas

Russ planned this one all out. He had the story with pictures along with some questions and answers for Reid. He did a really good job and I was impressed with the amount of information that Reid was able to retain and understand.

Of course dad made sure that Reid not only learned the importance of understanding what Christmas is about, but that he got a bit of our political (anti-socialism) viewpoints into the evening as well.

Many of the things we will do with the Advent calendar are meant to teach service to the community and to the less fortunate. Very few people in the world live as nicely as we do and have access and possession to the things as nice as ours. It is a duty we should perform to provide some level of comfort or assistance to those less fortunate, on our terms. We cannot live the lives for those less fortunate.

Reid had a couple of really funny comments from the night:

* When we were talking about Christmas Day being Jesus' birthday, he looked at the picture of Jesus and said... "Jesus, on Christmas Day I will tell you Happy Birthday"

* When we were talking about Jesus being crucified he had a picture of the event and he said "he couldn't have even slapped them for doing that because his hands were nailed up"

* Russ was explaining to Reid about community service and compassion and I was filling in asking questions to Reid to make sure he understood what he was hearing. He said we can help people by sharing food, toys, etc. I asked Reid what we could do to help people that didn't have family to visit with for the holidays. Reid's answer was "we can find them a family."

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