Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome Michaelangelo... and Jake

This was going to be a post to welcome Michaelangelo (for the weekend) but I guess to appropriately welcome him I need to introduce Jake. Our family is the host family for Jake Brown, a 17 year old boy from Minnesota that is in town playing hockey (yes KC has hockey -

Anyway - to the point. Jake had to bring home an animal to care for this weekend for his science class. He brought home a box turtle. The boys (and certainly Russ) enjoyed having the turtle. Russ has a love for all animals and really took care of Michaelangelo. He looked up his diet, habitat, etc. We let Michaelangelo walk around the kitchen, fed him some grapes and lettuce, put him in direct sunlight some, and put him in some water to wash him off.

The boys thought Michaelangelo was a lot of fun. I think Jake was just glad to have his homework done but our family really enjoyed it.

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