Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A quick switcheroo

So, Monday night was supposed to be "make a popcorn string" so you'll be seeing that one in the future. Jake called and said that they could get extra credit points in History if they brought cookies in. We had some dough already for making cookies another night so we switched the slips around again (we've done that a lot) and decided:

Day 8 - Make Christmas Cookies
It served multiple purposes - Jake got his extra credit points, the boys got to do their advent calendar, and they got to spend some time with Jake (which they always enjoy) and his friend Will.

We made peanut butter cup cookies, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and no bake cookies. The two older boys seemed to make their cookies the size of pancakes but we all had a lot of fun. Ryan loved to eat the sprinkles and Reid LOVED decorating the cookies - a little too much!
A funny story from the night. Jake was trying to outline the star in green and the icing wouldn't cooperate. He decided to color it all in green and put his hockey number (22) on top in red icing. He was being all particular about how it looked and taking his time. About the time he finished his second two, Ryan reaches over with his butter knife and cuts the two's right in half :)

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