Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not quite as planned...

Day 12 - Go look at Christmas lights

The plan was: mom comes home and preps dinner for in the car, Russ picks up the boys. We meet at home and head out to Longview Lake for Christmas in the Park. It's about a 20 minute drive and we were told to get there early or else the line of cars really backs up. I had made hot dogs and cut them up in bite size pieces and gave each of the boys a colored toothpick to eat with. We also had a bag full of snacks and drinks. The eating hot dogs with a stick went over rather well - especially with Ryan who had to have an extra hot dog cooked before we even got out of the house.

The drive wasn't bad and we found the place without problems. As we pulled into the park I realized that Reid was fading into sleep. We tried to wake him up multiple times throughout the drive. He woke up once and he said something about "the workers" but we could never get him awake enough to see lights. Ryan enjoyed them as did Russ and I.

Here was our conversation as we pulled into our subdivision coming home:

Reid: "Mom, I didn't get to see any Xmas lights"
Mom: "Honey, you fell asleep and we couldn't get you awake"
Reid: "I didn't fall asleep I was just playing my DS"
Mom: "OK, sorry honey. I got a lot of pictures for you to see at home"
Reid: "OK"

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