Monday, December 15, 2008

An existing tradition

Two or three years ago my mom took Reid to Wal-Mart so he could pick out a gift for Russ and I. Last year we took on the tradition and let each of the boys pick out a gift for each of us as well as each other. This year we did the same thing.
Day 13 - Buy Christmas presents for your parents and brother.

The boys had a ton of fun with this. We didn't really drive their decisions at all. I did help Ryan get what Reid was telling him he wanted when we walked into the store but that was about it. Russ took Reid to buy Ryan's and mine and he said he didn't help him at all. Reid got Ryan a fire truck and Ryan got Reid a Star Wars Lego set. We'll have to wait until Christmas to see what they picked out for Russ and I. Reid is just dying to give Russ his gift. He's asked me like 5 times if we can just tell dad what it is.

Wal-Mart was quite busy and hectic so not a ton of pics but we did get a couple of really good ones.

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