Saturday, December 6, 2008

A busy, busy night

Mom had plans to go to a party on Friday night, Russ got on the road late and dealt with some crazy drivers... all led to pizza for dinner and a somewhat rushed (yet still fun) advent calendar night. We had somewhat of a plan and it took a bit of rearranging. Russ had planned out a bunch of Christmas trivia questions and e-mailed them home yet the e-mail didn't come through.

Day 5 - Christmas Trivia Game

We ended up asking Christmas trivia questions off the top of our head to Reid and asked Ryan a few (he did a couple of colors and he knew who Santa Claus was). Each question they got right they picked a little prize out of a bag and moved a step forward on the game we created. It was a whole family affair - as you'll see from the pics - even Jake and Tater Tot were in on the action. They had fun but they were more excited for mom to leave because dad had promised them an "All Boys Party."

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