Monday, December 15, 2008

I scream, you scream...

Russ and I have done a few orienteering events over the last several months. The boys know that we go "run a race" and that we've used maps and our camelbaks. They got a bit more of an idea of what we do on Sunday:

Day 14- Orienteering Event

Russ made maps of the house and hid 8 clues for each boy and then marked them on the map. They ran around the house like mad men finding their clues. Both were very excited. Reid did most of his buy himself. We would tell Ryan the approximate area to go to and then he would find it and yell "Yeah... I found it" and then take it back to Russ. When the boys had found all of their clues Reid laid them out and read the words by himself... ICE CREAM. Reid then enjoyed a scoop of chocolate ice cream while Ryan chose to stick with fruit snacks.

The boys (including Russ) had so much fun that Russ actually made another one up before and during dinner that was "Amazing Race" style. They had to perform something at each marker - i.e. cleaned their rooms, picked up the basement, ate a good dinner, took a bath, etc. (Yes, we know that won't work for long - but it's fun for now). At the end of that game their clues read "SURVIVOR POPCORN." We popped popcorn and went downstairs and watched Survivor.

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Hi stranger....

Very cool...your kids have certainly grown up this past year. We just got back from China two weeks ago and also kept a
My niece blogs daily and I just love it. Have a great Christmas.