Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanks Grandma Cella

Well, snow hit KC today/tonight and there was a wreck or some sort of traffic backup on Ward Parkway. Russ was having trouble getting up hills in his truck and then he couldn't get past the backup. He decided to turn around and go back to work and wait it out. Typically he leaves work at 4:00. Today he left around 8:00. I had left work early and already got the boys and decided we were going to do something simple for our advent calendar.

Day 9 - Make a Christmas Decoration/Project

Last week Grandma had mailed the boys a package and I had left them back and let the boys open them tonight. They were Christmas trees with adhesive stickers to decorate the trees. Remind me to thank my mom 100 times for this easy project. I sat and addressed Christmas cards while the boys did their own trees with no fights and no assistance needed. Both did a fine job. Reid decided to spread his stickers evenly on both trees. Ryan decided to put every sticker on one of his trees and forget the other. Then, I think when he was done he wanted to keep doing a project so then he proceeded to start peeling stickers off of his one. I let him... they stayed busy with this project for at least 25 minutes! Thanks again mom :)

So here's my final question - I got behind and I received several e-mails from people looking for updates (I'd like to point out I'm caught up now!) Anyway, sparked my curiousity - who's reading our blog??? I know we've been forwarded around throughout the family. Leave us a comment - let us know what you think and let us know that you're reading!


Anonymous said...

You are very welcome

Courtney said...

I love reading the blog. I wish you would do this every month. I enjoy getting to see the byos and hear the great stories.

Best Aunt Ever

Cheri Cashier said...

I read your blog! This is from their favorite Aunt, Aunt Cheri.