Saturday, October 10, 2009

Practice makes perfect...

Lots of new around here so this post is mostly for practice... New camera, new software, etc. I'm trying to make sure we've got our new camera set up to download pics and also practicing taking pics with it. My first effort at pictures was Reid's FIRST real hockey game today... unfortunately, I have no good pictures to share - I'll keep practicing. Still pictures take just fine - as you'll see by a couple of them attached... but the hockey ones will take me a bit.
This may be the only picture of me we share for a while but Russ took this still of me while I was cleaning out our "old" camera. 37 weeks officially (and measuring 38) ... we're full term now and as you can see - certainly ready! :)

Here is Reid in his locker room before the game - all suited up and ready to go!

Reid during game - I'm pretty sure this was a break away... or maybe not ;)

Another of Reid during the game - they played the Line Creek team from North Kansas City. They had one really good kid and I'm sure beat us pretty bad but we don't keep score at this age.

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