Thursday, October 1, 2009

THIS Month

So, we don't know what day but we do know that our baby boy will be here THIS month... I've NEVER been so excited for October to roll around :) Baby Ross' room is ready (pictures below). We've got a few things to finalize - hospital paperwork, pack bags for the hospital, and a few minor purchases to make. The hardest part this time is not knowing when he's coming because we have a lot of other issues to plan around this time - the boys' activities, school, etc.
Tomorrow we go for our final appointment with our specialist for one last look at the baby's kidneys and for measurements to determine his size - I'll update with what we find out at the appointment.
** Update - We had our final sonogram with the specialist today and they estimate the baby to be 6 lbs, 2 oz at this time and I was measuring 35 weeks, 6 days (36 weeks tomorrow). Dr Peck has said that he will induce on 10/27 if he has not come on his own by then so 3.5 weeks at most.

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