Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Advent Calendar updates

Ok, so we HAVE been doing our advent calendar - I just haven't been very good at updates. First update - the boys LOVE looking for Charlie each day. Although they weren't real thrilled on the night we introduced Charlie - the fun of looking for him each morning has really escalated. Ryan actually remembers a lot more than Reid does now. He even found him first this morning.

Day 3 - Breakfast for dinner and eat in our jammies -

This is a family favorite! First of all we all love to have breakfast for dinner - we make quite a mess but it is sooo YUMMY! We topped this one off by giving the boys "new" jammies to wear. Reid has a PJ day at school this Friday so I had bought him new GI Joe jammies for that and gave them to him tonight. Ryan got "new" camo jammies that I had put away with the 4Ts and brought upstairs for him. He didn't know and he LOVED them. And shockingly - the 4Ts were none too big. I might be pulling out the rest of the 4T jammies for him before he outgrows all of them too! Anyway, we had pancakes, eggs, bacon, milk and OJ. Yum, yum. Mom started the cooking and then Ross got pretty "needy" so dad finished it up and served us all up. The boys ate so much that mom and dad got to exercise some portion control :)

Here's a picture of the boys reading the surprise for day 3 (Ryan opens on odd days, Reid does even days):

Day 4 - Read books by the fireplace

Another that we had done last year that is easy and fun. We turned on the fireplace, piled up some pillows and read Christmas books by the fireplace. I think we read five or six. It was a cozy time and got us wound down for bed.

Ross even laid with us and "listened"

Day 5 - Ice cream for "Bednight" snack

Late Saturday night... almost bedtime... oops - mom and dad forgot about the advent calendar. Hmm... what to do that is quick. ICE CREAM! Reid chose a sundae cone like Grandpa Steve eats and Ryan had a scoop of vanilla with crushed up M&Ms with chocolate syrup on it. Daddy made it and it looked so yummy that mom opted for some too :) We didn't take any pictures but we sure had a good time!

** I said "bednight" because that is what Ryan has called it for a long time... and what Russ and I end up calling it most of the time now. I hope someday I remember all the cute ways my kids used to say things - I've tried to document some of them.

Day 6 - Shopping for Family

On Sunday our advent calendar was to go shopping for our family members. This year each boy had four presents to pick out - mom and dad and both of their brothers. It went painlessly smooth actually. The boys were proud of what they picked out and so far have kept it a secret - although we know Reid peaked in the cart and saw what Ryan got him but we just ignored him when he was talking about it.

Oops - just looking for a good picture (dad is our family photographer) and I think I spotted what Reid got me (I promise I won't tell - but it was definitely on my list!)

*** Later that day I was doing my Wii workout and Russ was upstairs doing something. The boys were playing really well and I told them they could put ornaments on the tree downstairs ALL by themselves. I had put that treee up a few days earlier but hadn't "trimmed" it yet. I had to take a picture because they got along SO well doing it and they spaced the ornaments out really well. Of course they couldn't reach the top of the tree but I actually think I'm going to leave it as they did it - I think it's adorable!! Besides, I'm finally learning the lesson Russ has been trying to teach me for years - "if you complain about how someone does something when they are trying to help you, they are just going to stop trying to help you." Took me several years - but I'm learning! I can "ALMOST" stand his side of the closet when his shirts aren't facing the right way :) baby steps, baby steps...

Day 7 - Decorate a Gingerbread House

18 days until Christmas - wow, December is flying by! Tonight we decorated a gingerbread house. I'm sure you know I didn't make the house... we bought a kit from Wal-Mart. We thought the kit might be "chincy" on the candy since it was so cheap so Russ even went out and bought extra candy to decorate with. For the most part we let the boys do whatever they wanted... which for Ryan was one piece on the house, one piece in his mouth :) When we finished our house we decorated a few graham crackers so we had something to eat as well! Here are some pictures from their masterpiece:

So... we've almost filled up our advent calendar with ideas but we need about three more. Do you have something fun you do around the holidays? Leave me a comment if you've got a good suggestion for us!

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