Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Blessings...

Happy Easter! I'll have to figure out why this picture keeps rotating sideways - maybe update later... but I had to share it. 1) Ross got this adorable 'My first Easter' shirt from the Kovacs family. 2) notice the HORRIBLE hair - bad combover... see next blog post.

Glad we snapped these pictures early because the shirt didn't stay clean for long. Ross had peaches with his breakfast and he managed to spit EVERYTHING up the rest of the day. Not doing peaches again for a LONG time.

Our original plan for Easter weekend was to go to Hannibal to visit Grandpa and Grandma McDowell. Then Reid got scheduled for soccer and a late hockey game on Saturday and we knew we just wouldn't be able to make it work. We debated going to Holton on Sunday (shorter trip) but knew that Russ was going to be leaving for the week with the Stover hockey team so we decided to stay home and just do a simple Easter celebration at our house.
When I got home from running club I "laid out" eggs in the backyard. Russ laughed at me because I literally did just lay them all over the yard so he went out and fixed (i.e. "hid") the eggs.
We read 'The Easter Story' book to the boys (mostly to Reid - Ryan wasn't in the mood to pay attention). We got this book several years back from Grandma Linda so decided to remind the boys what Easter was really about.

Then we went outside and did our hunt which included the boys' Easter baskets. Both boys got sunglasses, Reid got the Alvin and the Chipmunks new movie, and ryan got some bakugans and new sandals for summer. Both boys really enjoyed the hunt - we had around 50 eggs out for them so there was plenty for both of them to find.

After the hunt I made our Easter lunch. We had ham, rolls, mashed potatoes, and corn. Ryan insisted that we were having bacon and that it was Valentine's Day. He also wanted to pray, but only under the table, thanking God for chocolate milk. I have NO idea where he gets some of his ideas.
After lunch I took the boys to the park while hockey Ross and dad took some naps from thoroughly enjoying lunch :) The boys had a blast at the park and then we went home and watched Reid's new Chipmunks movie.

After the movie we went back outside and I mowed the yard and we played sports. Reid played baseball with Russ for a really long time and was doing really well! Then we played some soccer and then ended up playing baseball again with everyone involved, including hockey Ross.
The boys also got some guns that blow bubbles from the Kovac's and we played with them until we ran them clear out of bubbles. All together we were outside for probably three to three and a half hours. Russ and I commented to each other a couple of times that Ryan just belongs outside - he played HARD and nonstop for a long time... WHICH... led to a meltdown when we said it was time to go in of course. He was kicking and grabbing me. I gave him a bath and sent him down to Russ as I did the other two baths. When I came down from the next bath, Ryan was passed out on the living room floor. Russ carried him up to his bed and he slept through the entire night.
It really was a nice Easter!

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