Monday, August 15, 2011

Ross' first day/Big Change

While I am 100% confident that we've made the right decision for Ryan, I'm a little more hesitant on the change with Ross. We did move him a little before we wanted to (age wise) but it was the best decision for our family as a unit. Doing three separate drop off's with a big commute to one daycare just wasn't going to work in the mornings. When you add on my new job and different hours it was only logical that we made the change to bring all of the boys closer to our house and somewhere with later pick up hours.

With this new change I am going to be able to stay home in the mornings and make the boys breakfast and drop them off an hour later than I used to. With that, they will get picked up by Russ and my end of work routine is now "drive home". It's going to be such a load off for me and gives Russ that enjoyment of picking them up and talking to them about how their day went. Both Russ and I are excited about this change for those reasons.

Saying that, I still struggle with hoping that Ross feels secure in his new surroundings and isn't forced to "grow up" too much, too soon. He's still my baby. I did just call daycare and check on him and this is what she said:

'Ross is doing great. No more sad periods. They had snack at 9 and he had TWO cups of cinnamon applesauce and drank all of his milk - and stayed sitting at the table during snack (in a big boy chair). She said he sat during circle time, is listening really well and is just going with the flow of the class.'

Ross also got to go to McDonald's with all of us this morning for pancakes. He did pretty good at drop off. He went to check out a toy so we just slipped out. When he noticed we had left they said that he got a little sad and did not want them to pick him up. So they gave him space and he recovered and played well.

We'll see how drop off goes tomorrow...

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