Monday, August 15, 2011

Ryan's big day

It's been a HUGE debate at our house for over a year. Ryan has a summer birthday (July 3) so technically he could have went to kindergarten this year.... BUT... he's a young 5. He is smart... BUT... he lacks some of that emotional development (or so we believe). He still gets tired, melts down, whines, etc. We decided that we would do a year of Jr. Kindergarten at All Around Child. It's a day care center but this classroom will follow the Olathe and Blue Valley kindergarten curriculum standards. So, he'll just get a jump start on what he'll need for kindergarten next year. As for what Ryan knows, he started school today! He was SOO excited. When I woke him up (which I hardly ever have to do) at 7:10 and told him that it was time for school, he jumped up and gave me a bear hug around my neck.

Reid wanted McDonald's for breakfast and Ryan wanted french toast at home. I explained to Ryan that our tradition was important to Reid. I asked Ryan if it would be okay if I made french toast on Tuesday and Ryan said "just this once." We went to McDonald's for pancakes after pictures. After McDonald's we dropped off Reid and then went to Ryan and Ross' school. We took Ross to his classroom first and then took Ryan to his.

We found his hook and cubby with his name and put his stuff away. He was soaking it all in. I asked him if he'd take his picture with his teacher and he said that was fine too. He had a very agreeable morning. When Russ and I left we watched the monitor from his classroom video camera for a while and he was checking out the fish tank and hanging out.

Can't wait to hear how his day goes. Here are his pictures from the morning:

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