Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ross' Birthday

Last Monday (10/24) Baby Ross turned TWO! Seriously... I can't believe it myself. That might be why I haven't seemed to be able to blog it (not really).

On Monday Ross had his "party" at school. I took Elmo face cookies to share with his friends. I also made some party favor sacks. I bought labels for the bags on Etsy that said "Elmo likes his goldfish, his crayons too... and so can you." Inside the bags I put crayons and goldfish for his friends.

That was really it. He enjoyed it. If you asked him how old he was he said "cookies." Everything about his birthday was Elmo cookies! He's got it down now and says "Two!"

These were taken a few days before his birthday. He decided that his Tonka truck was his new riding toy...

Here he is riding it around and around the island...

So... that's what we got him for his birthday. It's a blurry picture but it's the best picture that I could get. He really likes it.

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