Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A sick McDowell boy...family

Ok, I'm taking a vacation day... sort of... trying to multi-task. Anyway, I thought I'd get a blog post out there while it's actually current and not a month behind. Our Christmas countdown starts in two days so the blogging will hopefully pick up in frequency (you're welcome Courtney).

Today's update... Baby Ross.

As we were walking into daycare on Monday Ross coughed and proceeded to start throwing up on the sidewalk. Of course I couldn't get him to bend at his waist so it was down his coat, shirt, pants, etc. I grabbed wipes and napkins out of the car and cleaned him up as best as I could. I let the daycare know we had made a mess, dropped Ryan off and hightailed it home.

All day... he was fine. I think maybe he had a lot of phlegm and just coughed too hard.

Then, Monday night (Tuesday morning) Ross woke up at 1 am saying he had owies in his tummy. He was very uncomfortable. He still had a yucky cough so I ran the shower with hot water and we sat in there. He was crying and mad because he actually wanted to take a shower. Eventually he calmed down and fell asleep laying across our step stool.

He went back to sleep fine but I couldn't :( I was up from 1 am to 3 am. When I got Ross up the next morning he had a horribly yucky diaper. So I kept him home again on Tuesday. He was loving it. We dropped Ryan off at school and Ross just kept saying "No school. Stay home."

I got him some pedialyte which he downed quickly.

He was pretty good for the most part all day, maybe a little whiney and clingy but no more getting sick. Here he is sitting in his recliner watching Elmo.

We already had an 11:00 dr appt for an ear and height recheck so we went to that. Dr Moore said that since he had a diarrhea diaper the yuck was probably leaving his system. And... he got a clear bill on his ear and height (back at 25th percentile).

So (I got this posted late)... it's now Wednesday and he's back at school. Unfortunately... the rest of the family is down for the count. Ryan got up at 11pm last night and threw up until basically 4:00am. When I woke Reid up for school he said his stomach hurt and he was throwing up within the hour. Later in the morning our hockey boy, John, came upstairs and he had just thrown up as well.

So far Russ and I have survived the throwing up portion although we both feel miserable. My stomach is in knots and I feel nauseous. When I got up at a 4:45 for my workout I couldn't decide if I was sick or just exhausted so cancelled on my trainer and went back to bed.

Ryan, who was up ALL night is full of energy... bouncing around the house, talking nonstop... so I guess it went through his system fast.

That's all for now... I caution everyone to stay away!

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