Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obsession Confession

One of the blogs that I read just started a new series on obsession confession. Anything you love that you then become obsessed with. HA HA... this is so me. I don't do much half way. Here's my list of obsessions lately:

* blogs - seriously, won't even admit how many I follow
* running - e-mailing back and forth with a friend yesterday about my spring schedule and writing it all down made me realize I might be a bit insane ;) (schedule below)
* FroYo - well, except for February. I gave up sweets for the month of February and this is probably the only one thing I truly miss.
* Subway - First it was because it was $5 footlong February but now it's just because I love it, it's close to the house, and I don't feel guilty after eating it. Yes, I had a 6 inch for lunch today.
* My weight - Yeah... I go through spells of not caring and then obsessing... I'm currently obsessing (maybe I should lay off the Subway and FroYo, huh)
* Balego socks - seriously, don't wear anything else now

I'm sure I could go on and on... but I won't admit any more publicly.

Spring Race Schedule
4/14 - Rock the Parkway Half Marathon
4/21 - Garmin/Olathe Half Marathon (2:30 pacer)
4/22 - Kansas Half Marathon (2:25 pacer)
5/5 - Smithville 8 hour adventure race
5/13 - Mother's Day 5K
6/2 - Hospital Hill Half Marathon

Speaking of obsessed, Ross has now decided that he has to have a million things to sleep with. He has THREE blankets (four on weekends when his school one is home) and about 6 stuffed animals, etc. This morning when I went in to get him he was still SOUND asleep - unusual. I should have known then how the morning was going to go. He was GROUCHY! I got him dressed and off to daycare with pop-tarts in hand in record time... lol! Here's a picture of him all snuggled in with all of his "stuff"

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