Sunday, February 5, 2012

A room mini-makeover

A couple of weeks ago I went crazy and started re-arranging furniture. I moved our dark leather couch and chair to our front, unused living room (the loveseat went to our master bedroom). The beige over-sized furniture from the front living room got moved to the family room. The plan was then to take the beige to the basement and bring our sectional up but I've put that plan on hold. I LOVE the beige in our family room. For one, it's our most comfortable furniture and secondly, it just looks so much better where it's at now. That beige furniture set was our first furniture purchase when we bought our house in Olathe in 2001. We paid like $499 for a couch, loveseat, coffee table and two end tables... and they have held up better than most of our furniture!!

I also moved Ryan's easel and the train table to the front living room and surprisingly we've started using that room a lot more. Ross uses that room the most because that's where time out is... but that's beside the point.

Anyway, today I got my gallery prints of the boys and have taken down the picture collages I had up that were of Ryan at age 2 and Reid at age 5.

They look high in this picture but they don't look that high in real life. Here they are:

Ryan wanted to get a picture with his leap pad too...

This bookshelf is going away soon! Our friend, Paul, is going to come sometime in February to do a built in cabinet the entire width of the cut out. I'm thinking cabinet at the bottom and then shelves all the way to the molding!!

Our train table is also in the corner of this room. If you follow me on facebook, you know that I broke down and superglued the pieces together because Ross ALWAYS takes them apart. Well the little stinker... he has spent the last two weeks taking the pieces apart again. Now that they are glued it's like an extra challenge. He has to work super hard and then celebrates when he gets them apart. I put the track back together today and the boys did play with it for about 15 minutes as I laid on the couch recovering from my 10 mile morning run. LOL. I think I'm going to give up and just get rid of it... we'll see.

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