Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A FULL weekend of fun

Is it really Wednesday and I'm just getting to recapping the weekend?  Well, I'll be as abbreviated as possible.  

Saturday I was able to go to Runner's Edge again (been off since October) and I LOVED it.  It was their end of Spring Session run and Chris Cakes was serving pancakes.  I may have just ran the 8 miles for the pancakes but I sure enjoyed being back.

Russ went to Lincoln, NE for a race after I got home from running so the boys and I had some time to kill.  Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Cella came down and we went to Dairy Days at Deanna Rose.  The boys got to learn about all things Dairy Cow.  They saw a live cow being milked by machine, got to practice milking cows with buckets of water, and saw some baby cows born in May.  They also scored some free chocolate milk.  We did all the usual fun Deanna Rose stuff - bottle fed the baby goats, fished, and played on the playground.  We had a really good time.  

Ryan was very proud of his fish (which mom actually caught - and I swear it's the first time I've ever caught a fish).  We let grandpa take him off the hook and grandma was putting the worms on the hooks for them.  I really want nothing to do with fishing ;)

he wouldn't touch it so he just posed by it ;)

I forgot the sunscreen :(  Someone got a little pink.
After Deanna Rose we went home and the boys played in the swimming pool out back.  At one point Ryan left to go find a friend and came back with four girls:

I think we wore grandpa and grandma out for the day so they headed home and the boys and I played outside for most of the evening.

Sunday morning I hired a babysitter (our favorite Alyssa is back in town!!!) for 6:30 am - woo hoo!  I was able to meet up with Suzanne and Lori for a 7 mile run that morning.  I always feel spoiled when I get to run both days of the weekend!  I was home from my run before Ross was even out of bed.  While I was in the shower he woke up so after Ryan played with him in his bed and read him some books, he helped him out of the bed.  When I came down from my shower I found that Ross had made his own breakfast:

Nine donuts in a perfectly straight line; empty donut bag on the floor of the pantry.  And no - he didn't eat all of them.
After our breakfast and getting around, I took the boys to the neighborhood swimming pool and they actually lasted almost three hours.  Ryan and I could have stayed longer but Reid was done and Ross was getting tired.

Russ was able to run his race around 10:30 (as opposed to his 12:00 heat) so he was actually home at a pretty decent time, although tired from the driving and the trip itself.  His race went well, although he didn't really push himself.  The entire race was a sandy mess... the pictures did not look fun at all.  He showered and cleaned up but still had dirt draining out the corner of his eyes for a couple of days.

So, the weekend was good but it went extremely fast.  I'm glad it's already Wednesday... I'm ready for another weekend :)

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