Monday, July 16, 2012

Ross' first big boo boo

I mentioned our vacation and I am going to blog about the fun that we had... but I thought I'd start with a summary of our little mishap.

Ross seemed determined to get some attention on this trip.  The night before we were to leave the chiggers he had in his groin area were getting worse and worse.  They were swelling up, changing colors, and developing some harder areas underneath them... and they were on day 9 so they shouldn't have been getting worse.  So, after an over the phone consultation with our pediatrician, Courtney and I took him to urgent care.  It was a late night but I'm glad we took him.  It turned out that he had cellulitis and needed antibiotics.  (That was Thursday night and it was almost midnight before we got all settled into bed).

On Monday (full day 3 of vacation) we were heading to White Water for the day.  Here's our group picture before we went in the park:

We were at the park about FIVE minutes before a life guard brought Ross over bleeding from the chin.  I was still trying to finish up sunscreen and setting up the cabana and he had went to check out the kiddie area where we were.  I believe he was going up some stairs and tripped and busted his chin.  

After a stop by first aid we were out the park with directions to an urgent care.  Once there we were told they didn't have a physician that day and we were off to the hospital urgent care.  After about an hour wait, Ross got 5 stitches in his chin.  He said "owie" a couple of times while they were giving him the shots to numb the chin (I think 3 or 4) but then laid very still and quiet the whole time they were putting the stitches in.

I would have never guessed myself to have troubles with any of it but I was standing beside him holding his hands and as they were starting the fourth stitch I noticed that I was getting really hot and light headed.  I ended up having to turn the hand holding over to Russ and sit down for a minute.  I have a resting heart rate in the low 50s but I'm pretty sure it was over 100 from the minute Ross fell until a good hour after I was back at White Water.  The dr said that the stitches couldn't get wet so Russ dropped me back off at White Water (we had left the older two boys with Courtney and Carrie) and daddy took Ross home (with snacks) to spoil him a bit.

This was the next day as the bruising started coming out:

On Friday we figured the cut was healed enough and allowed Ross to go to the community pool in Hannibal with me:

And then on Monday when we were back from vacation Courtney and I took Ross to our pediatrician to have the stitches removed.  Again, he was very tough and everything healed up nicely:

And... NO... this has not slowed him down one bit!

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