Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day(s) of School

Another school year has officially started!!  Although I don't love the hectic mornings, I was ready for the routine of the school year.  More reliable bed times, reading, morning rituals... no wonder my boys thrive on regular schedules - so do I.

Reid started third grade with a half day of school last Wednesday.  His teacher this year is Mrs Byrd and he was excited that he got her.  He said that she was the nicest of the third grade teachers.  I was excited to see the one boy that drives me nuts and Reid loves to hang around with was not in his class (yes, I'm a great role model).

He came home and said he had a great first (half) day.

On Thursday, Reid had a full day of school and Ryan had his first day of kindergarten.  He didn't seem nervous at all and was excited to be going to Regency Place.

We did our first day of school tradition and went out for breakfast.  I didn't give the boys much choice in location as iHop is a further drive and we didn't really have that much spare time with getting Ross to daycare as well.  But the boys love them some McDonald's pancakes so no one was complaining.

On the first day of Kindergarten there are a couple of hours of parent activities.  We help the kids put some supplies away and then make some name oriented projects - headbands, puzzles, etc.  As the projects were wrapping up and she was announcing that parents would be leaving soon, Ryan looks at me and says "ok, you can go now."  Yeah, no worries from him.

Ugh... yeah... bye sweetie.  I did force him to take a couple of pictures with me:

His first day was also good.  He gets off the bus every day saying his day was good and smiling.  I LOVE meeting them after school and hearing about their day, checking their back packs... so proud of my boys!

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