Monday, July 13, 2009

100 day countdown!

Well, we finally told the boys on Saturday that they were going to be big brothers! They took a few minutes to understand what we were telling them but once they warmed up and understood they got pretty excited. According to our weekly progress e-mails we have somewhere between 105 and 112 days to go in the pregnancy but we just told the boys that it would be in 100 days for simplicity sake. We sat in the nursery that has been emptied out and painted and told them that it was the baby's room. We talked a bit about names. Reid wanted to name him Meatball Noodle McDowell and Ryan eventually settled on the name Notre Dame. I'm guessing mom and dad will keep control of the name!

Both boys lifted my shirt and talked to my belly and played around a bit. It was about time we tell them that their little brother was in there as some days I feel more like a trampoline than a mom :) Now at least we can tell them why they need to calm down and be more careful on me - not that I'm just lazy and getting fat for no reason :) We hauled the new nursery bedding upstairs and Ryan had some fun laying around on it and "breaking it in" for #3. Both have had glimpses of being excited and not caring a whole lot but we've got lots of days ahead to build the excitement.

The boys will take a sibling preparation class (Big Brother class we'll call it) on October 10th where they will learn how to act around a baby, etc. Hopefully around that time we'll get them real excited to be the great big brothers that we know they will be.

For now we're just focusing on enjoying the few short weeks of summer that we have left, discussing getting ready for school for Reid, transition back to daycare for Ryan, fall sports for Reid (soccer and a hockey team), and whatever family fun we can build in the remaining 4 weeks of summer.

** Next major McDowell news - Russ will be competing in the Dusk 2 Dawn 12 hour adventure race on 7/25 and 7/26. He's been working hard to get in shape and we're super excited to see how it goes for him.

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