Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another bump in the road...

Ok, so the name of this movie might give a clue into how I'm feeling these days. We're guessing that this little boy (#3) is either going to be one tough cookie (Chris) or one needy little boy (Vern) that wants lots of attention :) And I'm not sure which would be better. We recieved my blood test results back yesterday and I am in fact carrying the human parvovirus B19 (Fifth Disease). The boys have had 5th disease over the last couple of weeks and when I told my dr he wasn't very excited about it. He sent me to the lab that night (last Thursday). We were hoping that I had it as a kid because if you have there is a greater than 50% chance that you carry an immunity to it. NO SUCH LUCK! The blood work shows that I have the virus at this time. Basically this puts the baby at risk for anemia (or fetal hydrops). Russ and I will go tomorrow for another ultrasound with the specialist at Midwest Perinatal - the same group we've been seeing for the other "issues." Through this ultrasound and most likely weekly ultrasounds for a while, they will monitor the baby's cerebral artery for any signs of anemia. If that occurs then we could be looking at needing an intrauterine blood transfusion or having this little guy early. Chances are slim so we're playing the odds again. (I'm thinking a trip to Vegas next year should be what we do!) The link above has the best information and seems to be exactly what the doctor said last night when he called to check in on us and see if we had any questions (previous conversations yesterday were only with his nurse).

Stay tuned for more McDowell drama... I mean ummm... news ;)

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