Monday, July 20, 2009

Some great father/son time...

Russ had an orienteering event with our Possom Trot club this past Saturday. It was a "sprint" course (i.e. short) and very close to our house so I took the boys to watch. We walked around and found three of the checkpoints near the end and sat there and watched as people came by, etc. We spotted Russ and got to watch him get the final 3 checkpoints and then head to the finish. We missed him actually finishing as he got there much quicker than we could get back over that way. After the race Russ took Ryan off to find another checkpoint with the map, etc. Reid was pouting (more on that in a later post) because he wanted to find all of the checkpoints and not just one so he stayed behind with me. Ryan seemed to really enjoy holding and looking at the map and walking around with dad.

On Sunday, Russ took Reid to a drop-in Stick and Puck session at an ice rink in almost FULL GEAR! The local Play it Again Sports had their hockey sale on Saturday and we got some great deals on more of Reid's equipment that he'll need if he actually joins a team and plays hockey. Reid was pretty excited about the new equipment. Once Russ and Reid got all of their gear on they skated around one end of the rink and each took some shots at the other. Reid was having a really good time with it but tuckered out pretty early. He probably got a good 20 - 25 minutes of playing and skating in but that about wore him out. I'm not sure he could last the full hour in all that equipment without some more practice or training (we're putting together a rough training schedule - JOKE). He said that it hurt his legs and he started deciding he needed lots of water breaks :) so we called it a day and headed home.

Ryan and I were just hanging out around the rink while Russ and Reid were playing so one of the employees let him sit on the zamboni. He loves watching the zamboni clean the ice but he wasn't too sure about driving it - the nilla wafers he was eating were distracting him ;)

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