Monday, November 16, 2009

3 week checkup

Ross had his three week checkup today. He is now 9 lbs, 3.2 oz and just over 20 inches long. He looks so big in all the pictures we take, but he's really our little guy. He has skinny legs and a little head. The pictures above were taken this morning on our way out the door for the dr appt. Grandpa and Grandma Sharp had sent Ross this cute little hat in the mail this week and given that it was rainy/snowy and COLD we thought we'd wear it. The size says for 0 - 6 months and it looks little... but it was a wee bit big :) His head is currently 14.75 inches. He looks like one of those Russian guards or whomever it is that wear those big poofy hats. (I need to ask Russ - he'll know). Needless to say we didn't quite get to wear it today... but Ross promises he'll grow into it grandpa and grandma. Thanks again!
An update on his kidneys... Ross' ultrasound after birth showed a bit of fluid on his left kidney (hydronephrosis). We did a follow up ultrasound on Friday morning and the results still show the hydronephrosis. Our pediatrician is sending us on to a specialist at Children's Mercy. We are still waiting for their call to schedule our appointment. I asked our pediatrician a few more questions today. It sounds like there is a valve that could be allowing the fluid back into the kidneys. This could lead to increased infections or even kidney damage if not repaired. He said that a surgery may need to be done to fix it but Ross would have to be under anesthesia so they would probably wait until he was a year old. They may also decide just to monitor it with ultrasounds every 3 to 6 months. That's about all we know for now. Nothing "major" or urgent but we're anxious to at least figure out what it is that we're dealing with. We'll keep you all updated and appreciate all the concern and prayers that we have received. We know that we're blessed that this is the worst that we have to deal with.

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